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 Specialisations In The 41St Rifles

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PostSubject: Specialisations In The 41St Rifles   Sat 15 Oct - 23:17

The 41St Rifles are the heart and soul of the 41St forward operations brigade. As infantry we need to keep a wide variety of troops and keep them trained. This means that certain troops will be great shots, some will be bullet-proof and some will be driving armoured vehicles. The following is a brief summery of all the specialisations.


Medics will be trained to serve in the field and at bases, they will be mainly transporting and patching up injured troops. They are trained to deal with a variety of illnesses and wounds. You can go to these guys if you have a boo-boo or if you need to have your leg amputated.

Heavy Gunner

Heavy gunners are the suppressive force of our infantry unit. They are taught on most formations as their abilities with heavy weaponry and basic knowledge on tank capabilities allows them to be deadly foes against any heavy vehicle or annoying gunner/sniper.

Heavy Vehicle Driver

These are the boys who will be driving you, they are excellently trained and can drive you into and out of the most dangerous locations known to man. They are the main armoured backup (tanks) you will get as an infantry. They can supply you with ammo and transport deadly materials away.

Combat Sniper

These units are the enemies worst nightmare, they are used as both scouts and psychological weapons of mass destruction. They can take up position on a hill watching the enemy, and if they feel like it can take out several in one shot. These will be an invaluable asset when they are on your side. When they help the enemy. Well...
You better hope god has a nice seat in heaven for you.


These are the most diverse group of our troops, whilst the others need certain traits this 'specialisation' accepts the very most people who are always used, these people also have the best promotion prospects due to their constant use. This allows them to move quickly up the ranks and preform duties which others maybe hesitant
to take up

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Specialisations In The 41St Rifles
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